Spare Parts Identifier

Genuine Spare parts for the Cabriolet are now difficult to get hold of. Availability is hit and miss and some parts are very expensive. The doors are over£400 each and each front bumper section is in excess of £200!

To help you identify the spare part you need, visit Although it's a Russian web site, with a little bit of guess work, you can find the Rover part numbers for the Cabriolet specific parts. You still have to check availability with Rover's parts department though, and this is now handled by X-Part.

To help you out, click on one of the below:

Road Wheel, Wheel Trims Badge and Decal
Body Kit Door Assembly
Hood Rear Glass and Mechanism
Body Shell Front & Rear Fog lights
Interior Finishers Insulations & Jack
Front Seats & Seatbelts Carpet
Dash & Door Furniture LAMM Cabriolet Spares
Rover Mini Cabriolet parts list in PDF format
LAMM Mini Cabriolet parts list in PDF format


The other part that every Cabriolet owner wants is a new hood! 
The best value for money one that I have come across is from
European Trimming Company.
At £528, they are half the price of a genuine Rover replacement - if you can still get one! They are available in Red, Green and Black.
I haven't had the pleasure of fitting a new hood, but there is a
great guide on the forum. There is also a discussion about the hoods from European Trimming Company.