The Lamm Mini Cabriolet

The Lamm Cabriolet was the forerunner to Rover's Genuine version. Built by one of Rover's German franchises, LAMM Autohaus, in 1991, it truly is the most limited edition mini with only 75 being made.

They came complete with Mayfair-style seats and trim, Mini-Cooper mechanicals and  body styling kit. The cost was 12,250. They were only available in Cherry Red.

The Lamm version has two glaring differences which make it instantly distinguishable from Rover's version: the first is the paint colour. Although the red looks like Rover's Nightfire Red, it is in fact a deeper Cherry Red. The second and more noticeable difference is the hood. Lamm's has plastic rear side windows whereas Rover have used unique wind down glass windows - no other Mini has wind down rear windows!